Hardside vs Softside Luggage

When it comes to choosing the right luggage, one must really consider its purpose. Do you go on a lot of short business trips? Do you have a family and take long vacations every summer? Do you need a carry-on or 3-piece luggage set? How about the material?

Choosing between hardside luggage and softside luggage is also important.  Aside from it’s obvious distinction, understanding its pros and cons can help you pick the right luggage.

Hard Luggage

The right hardside suitcase provides a sturdy shell that protect the contents of the suitcase. So, if your packing perfume bottles, gifts, or anything breakable, hard cases protect more. Although the case may look heavy, some hard-shell cases use lightweight durable material. Such as the inUSA Luggage San Francisco Lightweight Hardside Spinner, it’s made out of ABS and PC, a solid, durable, and lightweight material. Hard case luggage’s also are generally weather resistant, as the mentioned above, if it were left out in the rain the contents would remain dry.

However, because of the hard material normal wear and tear are more apparent. Scuff marks and scratches are left easier on hard luggage material as opposed to flexible soft material, but at the end all luggages will tend to get scratched as they are made to withstand impacts but the regular conditions they are regularly treated are impossible to avoid. Also, most of hard case luggage’s do not provide any additional pockets or compartments on the exterior. Our premium lines Carry On’s ( SouthWorld, Avila and Airworld) have a front EZ access pocket that can fit a 17’’ laptop and other traveling essentials like passport, Tablets, Cel Phones, writing utensils, power banks, among many others.

Soft Luggage

On the flip side, soft shell luggage’s are more flexible. It can fit easier into, smaller spaces, in your car, or the overhead bin in the airplane. You can also stuff more things into it or you can collapse it and create more space. Another great benefit is that in general soft shell’s typically come with more pockets. Giving you more space to store, organize, and easily access things. A great affordable softside luggage choice is the inUSA Light-Fi 3-Piece Set. It’s ultra-light weight making it one of the lightest Suitcase in the market and offers a contemporary and functional design. It also includes multiple exterior and interior pockets plus, four spinner multi-directional silent wheels.

The down sides are that the soft is not weather proof, and it can also absorb odor. The material itself may be prone to ripping if it’s not the best quality. Moreover, being able to overstuff a luggage can cause additional expenses at airlines due to weight restrictions.

Which luggage is best?

When it comes down to making a decision as to which luggage is best, soft shell or hard shell, the answer is simple, it’s all about personal preference. Some people rather have the protection of hard shell while others, who like to overpack, prefer the flexibility of the soft shell. Some even prefer owning both. A softside carry-on that can fit easier into the overhead bin or under your seat on an airplane and a hard case luggage they can check in at the airport.

If your looking for our advice, we recommend going with the hard case luggage. Although you can’t fit as much things in the hard-shell luggage than you would with a soft shell, the difference is small and it offers more protection for your valuables against weather and rough handling. In our experience, hard shell is better especially if you travel with kids. Also, aesthetically speaking hard case have more modern sleeker designs and are currently trending everywhere

If your looking for top quality hard case and soft shell luggage’s that wont break your bank we highly recommend checking out inUSA. We offer a wide assortment of high quality luggage’s that range in size, color, and design. Our brand is trusted and loved by many families in the US and in more than 16 countries. Whenever you are ready for luggage shopping, make sure to save time searching and check out inUSA’s website or just call us so one of our experts can better assist you.

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